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Everyone knows that having a medical ID is a must for people with a medical condition but there are other reasons to carry an ID. While we have many customers that purchase our ID wearables because they have a medical condition or are taking prescribed medications that need to be identified in an emergency, we also have many customers that buy our products for other identification purposes. Parents of small children that travel, spend time at the beach, or frequent heavily populated vacation destinations use our ID as a way to help reunite with their children in the event that they become lost or seperated. Many people that don't have a medical condition but participate in active sports such as cycling, hiking, and running choose our ID bracelets as a way to be quickly identified in the event of an unexpected emergency, giving themselves and their loved ones a peace of mind, in knowing that the people that are concerned about them can be contacted quickly.

We only offer our customers the highest quality products available. With 30 years in CNC machining we have the technology and experience behind us to perfect our processes and give you the highest level of engraving quality available. Our engraving is done using the most advanced MOPA fiber lasers available in the world. Using our fiber lasers on our Stainless Steel ID plates gives you a deeper and visibly clear display of your most important information and they are designed to last a lifetime. We do all of this with fast efficient service, at an affordable price, and we ship your selections to you using USPS Priority Mail. Our products look attractive and wear well, so you will want to wear them while enjoying your favorite activities. Our mission is to help save lives and for this reason we have created a company who's products are simply put the best value in ID wearables that you will find. Your loved ones will take comfort knowing that you are wearing an ID that speaks for you when you need it to. We at Active Medical ID are proud of our products and workmanship and are thankful for our customers and we strive to serve you for LIFE as your Active ID brand.

Choosing an active lifestyle ourselves, we use our products when training and competing. We support a healthy lifestyle and practice what we preach.

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